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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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> > >> good morning, we're talking about the surge pro- independence, now. >> the latest in libya. they have closed the air stream to halt traffic. there is a no-fly it so resolution. >>bryan: heavy rain and showing to the north. a decent sell living throughout, more on this story coming up. george >> at traffic advisory for the santa cruz mountains. al playbook at the upcoming traffic report. >> allied from the bay area
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news station. this is the kron4 news morning news. q four joining us. the nuclear incident at the plant has been raised from a fort 2 of 5 and the skills of to said. i find waiting period of four, what it was before it is a big local consequences. of fiat has a wider consequences. they have been cooling the generator, allowing them to punt seawater into the reactor. there are using water cannons from the ground and helicopters for above. operators at the diablo canyon nuclear plant.
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they did not realize that the system to pump water into one of their reactors during an emergency was not working. it had been accidentally disabled for 18 months, operators at the diablo canyon nuclear plant near san luis obispo didn't realize that a system to pump water into one of emergency wasn't working. it had been accidentally disabled by the plant's own engineers, according to a report issued thursday on the safety of nuclear reactors in the united states. the report, from the union of concerned scientists watchdog group, lists 14 recent "near misses" instances in which serious problems at a plant required federal regulators to respond. the report criticizes both plant operators and the nuclear regulatory commission for allowing some known safety issues to fester. mark >> there is an operation to stop libyan leader from launching at brutal attack and gauzy. here is this seen as they received word of that no-fly zone if enacted by the un. it is to help protect them. the well, the
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obama administration is going to participate with the help of the arab countries and the possibility of the u.s. nations conducted air strikes against libyan forces which are just out side of that gauzy right now. let us go to the newsroom. >> reporter: good point, there are four journalists that will be released today. the for a journalist before reported missing while they were covering the libyan conflict. there will be released later on this afternoon. i will keep monitoring the wires into be posted throughout the morning. back to. >> thank-you, the time ballot is 602. that is talk about the weather. james? >>james: it does point to be
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wet, what, what all day. we of rain in san mateo. bring to the north. --rain to the north. it is a substantial bit of grain. a days trekking to the northeast as we said then up to the east we are going to see near the 1 01 at purging whitakeapproaching woodacre. expect, and the next hour or two to see raid.n. just going off shore and trek across the bay is good to be targeted towards a word. expect it to a arrived in just a little bit. this is what we're saying for storm trucker for. --seeing for storm tracker 4. the timing
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is at 9:00 a.m.. we'll see the heavy rains appeared. as we advance the towards noon you can track how heavy the rain will get. the deep red shows how heavy the rainfall will be. the arrangement will make its way south leaving heavy showers behind it. this heavy showers even at around 5:00 p.m. will be sporadic. it will be a but commute for you. the scattered showers will continue well into the night into saturday. an impact is being made in this year with self.snow. do not be surprised if we have chain requirements kicking in. festithe snow is expected to
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fall at 2 in. per hour. we have the possibility of white out conditions. bring it york chains. you will need them. there will be of equal if not stronger storm system of moving in. the time now success it said. here is george. >>george: thank you. despite the raid we are expecting some problems. tracking the bridges. the bay bridge is building in volume. no problems on the west bound ride. it looks good, so does the san mateo bridge. the drive here, no, i do not believe we have it here. we will take you to the center chris mullins instead. the casantga cruz mouns instead. if you are driving
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the 17 keep your speed down. especially between the 17 senate and highway 85 to the north. stilt and ec ride for public transit for those of you taking the part. no delays reported there. metro is also public free. area? >>darya: thank-you. we are covering storm. eagle lake, how is it going there? >> reporter: that went is off and on. it is stronger in the last 20 minutes. the spikes are standing at attention. it a couple of minutes ago there was at a gust of wind that kantor. it has calmed down a bit. we should expect it trout the day to pick up. do about yes and fort the downfalls to
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continue. we will continue at the big story so please stay tiered.uned.
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>>darya: this 6:11 a.m.. the airport is having the latest of 28 minutes. -- delays. >>mark: the dow has bounceback. s&p was up 17, and aztec was up 17. --nas daq. japan is up as well. the yen has been skyrocketing against the u.s. dollar. the banks will
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be talking about today, are they help the an f to boost and whether a other recession. a cease-fire was declared in libya. >>darya: people are waiting anxiously to get their hands on and i had to. ipad 2. can att five parts come from japanese employers. some of the suppliers are reporting damage but the deliberate. it is intgoing to affect sales. >>mark: a quick break. we are tracking this story as it heads through the bay
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area. more heavy off of pacifica. a to all people living in it shortly. the plants will get here as we mak our way
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the >>darya: good morning, 660 them. it is a wet one out there. taking at look at the conditions. >> reporter: a does not too bad it here it right now. you will notice it. thanks. the raidn, the wind, the cool air. there is a quarter inch and oun hour of rainfall.
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heavy winds, heavy rain and cold temperatures. >>darya: al so a visit chile.oh, is chile?? -- it is chilly? >>mark: glass breaking into different sections and did you get an update. in the north they we are hitting a heavier rain. cornelia delia, and the american canyon. will pete is dealing with some rain as well.
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concord as well as dealing with light rain. we will keep an eye on a 10 million of its heavier. the heavy rain is being spotted approaching a word. it is coming over the east shore freeway. san leandro and l me that is dealing with heavy rains. in the south bay, and san jose, is tracking towards downtown. still, if you are in san jose you will see more intense rain as it tracks your way. this iis an advance of the cold weather that is coming our way. we are looking at the time in to see what it will bring in the highest. it looks like 9:00 a.m.. quite capable get even more intense. by 2:00 p.m. it
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will continue to make its way down to the south and it will clear it said was a pyrrhic we are one to be dealing with scattered showers throughout the afternoon. bitterneshit or besms showers. just when you think you have had enough sunday it will show bound to. just as worse as the first if not more. more rain. stronger winds and saturated soil. he put it all together it you will have head down it treat here or there or at power outage. it is 6:19 a.m. good morning george. >>george: good morning. despite the wet pavement wheat expected traffic to be
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problematic but it has not been. take a look at the bay bridge west bound. the volume is building only slightly slowly. yesterday's fed may drink lights were turned and later than usual and that may be the case this morning. no problems have been reported across the span. we've mentioned at the wind advisory and here it is. for this increase sevee santa cruz summit up through the 17th. here is a shot of the summit. there is no problem, at police in terms of backups or delays. today's early yet for the ride through the santa cruz mountains. still, a problem
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free for public transit. if that is more choice this morning there is the problems there. here is the latest from the newsroom. >> reporter: good morning, at this door is just across save the wires. the libyan foreign it minister told reporters that libya will impose a cease-fire. heat says it that libya is stopping all military options at against. they are protected civilians in the conflict. back to. >> dan: talking about the radiation making its way across the pacific ocean. it is being carried across the pacific into southern california. we are getting
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word from a diplomat and he was looking at some of the ratings that radioactive fallout has reached the southern california already. they are about 1 billion times beneath levels that it would be a help threatening. --health threatening. no health risks. it so far radiation has been detected. >>darya: the head of the nuclear radioactive administration is helping to japan to deal with their crisis. here is video of the president. this is drink
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that why host press conference. >> i know that many americans are also worried about the united states. so i want to be very clear: we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the united states, whether it's the west coast, hawaii, alaska, or u.s. territories in the pacific. let me repeat that: we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, hawaii, alaska, or u.s. territories in the pacific. we've also deployed some of our leading experts to help contain the damage at japan's nuclear reactors. we're sharing with them expertise, equipment, and technology so that the courageous responders on the scene have the benefit of american teamwork and support. >>darya: president barack obama is saying that the u.s. needs to learn from it that japan increases. there are more than 100 nuclear
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reactors in the u.s.. they provide 20 percent of our electricity. >>mark: we will be right back. coming up, and announced that for the beta breakers.
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>>darya: data breakers is not until may. it is already sold out. you cannot to get an entry form any more. this is the first time this has happened. you're looking at two months before the race on may 15th. they have announced that all of the spots are taken. you are supposed to get one of the spots but they are to notorious for having people joined and. this is the 100. both are sponsored by zazzke which is another
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first. >>janu: we will be right back.
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>> will come back. a it looks to be a positive day this morning. the dow industrial average is positive. possible cease- fire in libya. we will bring you think members throughout the morning as wall street tries to recover it from big losses. >>darya: we have team coverage of this storm hitting the area. tahoe is getting good snow. the storm has moved in and is covering most of san francisco. it looks like up in nevada they are getting grandaunt too. we will follow it through the morning. >>mark: we'd like to keep
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you up-to-date with the nuclear crisis. they aren't changing the scale from 542 at 5. they are shooting water from fire engines into the no. 3 reactor. this is the fourth round of the operation. they are attempting to cool the nuclear reactor. the rats are heating up releasing radioactive a perk. the monster earthquake and tsunami have been the great test for the people of japan. they result that they will overcome the tragedy.
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japan had paused at to 40 6:00 p.m. for a moment of silence to mark one week since the magnitude 9.0 earthquake. the prime minister it says that they will need to rebuild from scratch and they should not be discouraged. 17,000 people are dead or missing. >>darya: major developments from libya. fire deaths are being sent in the coming hours to enforce a no-fly zone. they are stopping the bill later it from launching a brutal attack on the rebels. the meeting tomorrow in paris to talk about the no-fly zone. in the meantime there has been as cease-
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fire. >>mark: we are following the latest on wall street. the doubt is up. it is on its way for approaching the 12,000 mark. to eagle latest on bellwethe >>james: sprinkles into the separate and north bay. let us bring it down. now the is seeing red.the commute to will t what to. the 60s the corridor from concord into dublin we are seeing rain.
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light, but steady. as we continue to move the maps, we're focusing here. let us push into berkeley. i sell it is giving and and is track and up north. but heavy rain. one cell to talk about on the it won a one northbound. tracking at to the east. when it is in every quarter of the bay. but it storm is coming from 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.. it will be the heaviest rain. let us talk at that time much we are expecting it added the system. we will fast-forward
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the clock all of the way to sunday evening. look how high the numbers get. 3 in. expected to oakland. boulder creek is looking for it 3 in.. all of that. coming down will be issuing a flood watch. do not to be surprised if it covers of the bay area. the flood watch is in effect until sunday night. streams and creeks or will rise rapidly. potential flooding. that includes their roads. if you come across water on the road do not try and cross it. turnaround. don't drown.
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>>darya: he is mixing up the rind. it is bolted brown, a turnaround. >>james: showers into the next week. 6:36 a.m.. good morning george. >>george: are you sure it it isn't do not beat, escalate? >>louisa: (laughter) we have not seen any traffic jams. here at the bay bridge you can see, light traffic. we are past 638 can. we have not yet seen it then be during flights activated for the west bound ride. your drive it through san francisco is problem free on the end of the central. it is winning well, i lot of
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wet pavement out there. no reports of flooding or standing up water to create hydroplaning. we still have an advisory it for high wind and rain. 80s from the summit to end the wind advisory and traffic advisory says the slower speeds are called for. >>james: what is the latest here illegally? >> reporter: it is coming down heavy. i will need to be felt my raincoat. he definitely wants every coach with lighting. it has been getting colder it with the rain coming down. bundle up and protect yourself.
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>>mark: thank you. we will be right back
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>>darya: 6:40 a.m.. taking a look at collector creek. there is not a lot of traffic that he will be moving slowly. i can tell it is raining good. and that meant gm is going to beat closing a plant because the parts have been coming from japan. is the first time and u.s.-based manufacturer it will stop production because of a shortage of parts coming from japan. the automaker says that they have plenty of cars to meet customer demand. >>darya: her thursday it is recalling new car and odyssey minivan over leaking fuel tanks and faulty windshield wiper rods,
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respectively. the recall covers about 18,000 civics and 33,000 case that covers a valve in the fuel pump module could break or crack in the civic. that, in turn, could lead to a fuel leak in a roll-over crash, and the leaking fuel could lead to a fire. no fires have been reported as a result of the defect. he said very few of the 18,000 cars are thought to be affected. in the odyssey, become bent if the windshield wipers are frozen to the windshield with heavy ice and the wipers are switched on. a bent wiper linkage rod could prevent the front wipers from operating normally. honda says there have been no crashes or injuries reported. honda dealers will cahow if necessary at no cost to the owner. on the odyssey, dealers will replace the windshield wiper linkage rod. both recalls are expected to begin by mid-april. and then at keep watching and that traffic and whether we'll be right back.
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>>mark: welcome back. it the top stories we're following. the japanese incident to their tragedy. three reactors have been damaged. the reactor a course in all three have partially melted down in releasing radioactive activity into the environment. >>darya: the ibm prime minister is declaring a cease-fire. it comes a day
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after it the u.n. declares a no-fly zone. they are not yet aware of what their role be. france also said they are making plans to deploy its plants. >>mark: the 100th annual pay to breakers race is sold out. is the first time in history that they had sold it. they have done so with two full months still remaining as the race is not until may 15th. next year the 101 run. remember, we are ignored. prepare station. >>james: breaking in that region to region. we are seeing showers towards now
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the and further north and east as well. we are looking for petaluma and sonoma kidding at break. and that peace may we are seeing brain. 68 is dealing with it as well. we have showers to the east. it is out in the berkeley read a long to beat freeway. but like train is moving into the hills. it will be a hit or miss. here is what it looks like in the south. rain is accident san in the san jose. it is moving south towards the bay area later this morning. l in the pacific the cuts are tracking. the whole system
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is quick to slide down letter this morning. by 9 a and we will see the cold front pushing. it is going to get even deeper into the red spite been time. we are expected the bulk of their rent to pass through the heart of the bay area. we have localized sporadic showers at entebbe at times. is this: moore to be like that all afternoon. spotty showers today. by sunday we will hit the reset button and do it all over again. as powerful or even stronger rate and blood we're dealing with today. with today's with big grin. it will bring a whole lot of rain down.
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6:48 a.m.. good morning george. >>george: three-quarters of the way through the 6:00 hour and still, no hot spots. no backups. the meter and lights and were activated at 6:33 a.m.. 15 minutes later than usual and still and various lightelight. this is the transition plan from the upper to lower it freeway. into santa cruz mountains there is a traffic advisory for high winds and rain but no delays as you can see. this is this 17 at the summit. it is moving very well as you head towards moscow those.the status
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>> reporter: i am going towards really city. the rainfall is really coming down and it is causing puddles. it is windy. my little car is getting tossed around now and then and there are, because it is still the heart, i will take a paddle and i will hydroplane just a bit. what efforts might happen to me and my car at least there is plenty of trade me and my heart to correct myself. driving can be tricky. reporting from daly city northbound i am will tran for kron4 news. >>mark: california lawmakers are taking of break to budget half of the cuts close in the $26 million
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budget shortfall. they left the most pretentious of parts and result. there is a special election in june regarding tax cuts. >>darya: there are one dozen cases going to be dismissed made it by the now suspended narcotics enforcement team. there are 40 cases being reviewed. both former officers are out on bail and have yet to beat charged.
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>>darya: 6:54 a.m. and as we continue to track the storm this is what it was like at 5:38 p.m.. i could downpour. periods of strong rain and the way and it is picking up and it is getting cold. we could not see. tomorrow you will see it showers it off and on. but not the sunny and tilt made it or delete next week. by 3 state we will hit 60. here is a peek at heavenly up and hollow, they're getting snow. heavenly just sent out a relief that they are going
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to beat skean for a while to come. >>mark: they have some great deals? >>darya: it yes. >>mark: the dow is up. mainly, on board of a cease- fire. it is lighting up with the dell and making up for any losses. new this morning, stanford university is proposing a new campus. it was a request from michael blumberg. he it hopes its will bring more technology firms to york city. it could cost up to $1 billion to build and would have lost 2200 graduate students. have you seen the full moon? is bigger and brighter. the official full minute is tomorrow. is the
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biggest move in two years. it happens when the man had the closest spot in orbit. people appear larger and brighter if we can clap trap by clumps of it tomorrow night. if you miss the you will need to wait till 2029 to see again. >>pam: will be right back. here is a live look out side at the next cabinet.
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and that are coming at that time


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